Marie – happily married for 15 years, with 2 children – discovers that her husband Jean is having an affair. Once the initial shock has passed, she decides to meet her rival, Virginie, and make her an awkward proposal: that they share joint custody of Jean. Virginie agrees and the two women introduce him to this new way of life. What seems like a dream come true – one week with his wife, one with his mistress – might well prove less than perfect for Jean…


  • Director

    Alexandra Leclère

  • Main actors

    Didier Bourdon, Valérie Bonneton, Isabelle Carré

  • Release date

    December 20th 2017

  • Production

    Pan-Européenne, France 2 Cinéma

  • French Distributor

    Pan-Européenne - Wild Bunch

  • International sales

    Wild Bunch

  • Trailer